About Us

Delsa Otomotiv is a company that exports automotive filters and industrial filters to all parts of the world with its Filterland brand.

Delsa Otomotiv is a company which exports auto filters and industrial filters with Filterland brand worldwide. Delsa Otomotiv San. TIC. LTD. ŞTİ, is providing service with its sufficient stocks in its large depot located in Nish Istanbul. As we know, the essential rules of customer satisfaction are quality product, reasonable prices and fast service. Taking all these essentials into consideration, we consider it as our duty to respond to you instantly with our experienced team, reasonable prices, wide range of filter products, sufficient stock level and manufacturing power of Filterland Filter.. In addition to Filterland filters we supply your all type of filter inquiries. Furthermore, in the constantly growing and progressing industrial filter market, supplying your filter inquiries we also make custom productions. As Filterland Filter, we would like you to know that we are always by our customers side with our constant support we provide at pre-sales and post-sales stages. If your need and problem are filters, the solution is in Filterland Filter.


Our vision is to create customer satisfaction by providing product,support and as well as solutions to our customers with our high quality and innovational approach in automotive and industrial sector.


Our mission is to represent the responsibilities we carry to the best of our ability and to present environment friendly products and services.


Our motto is to create perminent customer satisfaction by supplying the products always in the same standards and quality.